2019 Sponsorships

Start planning your budget for BotOberfest 2019!  Thank you for your interest in helping #make #RoboCity a reality!

Official Drone Race Sponsor – AeroVironment




2018 Sponsorships Still Available!

2019 Sponsorships

Donation Amount

Sponsor Level

Quantity Available

Events & Sponsorship Opportunities

50,000 Title / Event Name Sponsor 1 BotOberFEST
35,000 Gold Level Partners 2 RoboPatriot Games™ MCoE Cross-Domain (xD) Challenge
25,000 Silver Partners 4 Multi-GP™ Drone Racing LED Drone/Lazer Show Combat Robotics WWII Duck Shuttles to MWR Oktoberfest
10,000 Bronze Partners 6 Night Lights (LED) Race Combat BattleCage(s) Build-A-Bot STEM Labs Fireworks Video / Web Leader Boards Scoring & Audio Visuals Display
10,000 MCoE xD Challenge 4 xD Aero (Air & Space) xD Terra (Surface & Subsurface) xD Aqua (Surface & Subsurface) xD Electron (Cyber & EMS)
7,500 Gallium Level 4 DEFx RoboCity Robot Sumo League Friday VIP Reception VR WarRobots Simulators
5,000 Iron Pumpkin 6 Drone Games / Game of Drones HoverCraft Racing LEGO Sumo
2,500 Copper Peach 10 Vertical Drag Races Robot Sumo League Prizes Drone Racing Prizes Beverage / Snack / Catering Combat Robotics Prizes Drone Lifts Volunteer Lodging T-Shirts & Swag
1,250 StartUP Showcase 12 MCoE & DEFx Showcase Partners < $ 1 M USD in revenue
 1,000 Non-Profit / Gov’t 10 Non-commercial organizations, NGOs Military, Academia, etc.