Saturday, October 20th

9:00 am – 1:00 pm – Build-a-Bot Workshop – See Costs below.

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Build-a-Bot Tournament – FREE to Spectators

Our future national security depends upon a diverse workforce made up of resourceful STEM-Ready Patriots.

Become a RoboPatriot!  

In honor of the Ft. Benning Centennial, we’re going to let the robots rumble… Sumo style!  Build your own competitive robot at this Sumo Robot League Build-a-Bot Workshop!

BotOberfest is a celebration of hands on robotics, autonomous systems and teleoperated technology fun and games that’s part of the inaugural RoboPatriot Games.

Join us as we celebrate Georgia Manufacturing Month by #making your very own, “Designed and Manufactured in Georgia”, 3-D printed Sumo Robot that you and a mentor build and program!

Developed by a Georgia STEM educator, Sumo Robot League has specifically designed this workshop targeted towards middle-school and early high-school students (6th, 7th, 8th & 9th graders) where they will learn how to build, program (not just graphical drag-and-drop, but actual typing of code) test and battle 4” AUTONOMOUS, open-source hardware and software sumo robots with 3-D printed parts.

Limited Kits will be available for purchase on-site, so PRE-REGISTER your team TODAY to build and program autonomous sumo robots!

Sumo Robot League is coming!

CAUTION:  Participants must bring their own USB-enabled laptop computer (see details below) and have adult (16 years +) supervision at all times.

5-hour Workshop + Robot Costs

There are several options for participating in the Build-a-Bot Workshop:

  1. Pre-Register a Team Participants can pre-register “teams” for $250 per team, a significant discount ($1000 value!),
  2. Nominate a Mentor to Win!  Participants can nominate their favorite inspirational STEAM mentor for a chance to win a free workshop with that Mentor (see below),
  3. On-site Registration:  Participants can pay $150 per robot before 9:00 am that morning.

Botoberfest uses Eventbrite to manage the Build-a-Bot Workshop registrations.

PRE-REGISTRATION COST:  $ 250.00 USD per team.    A “team” is two (2) robots; one (1) 36” circular RoboDoyo mat; up to 4 youth-”makers” and 2-3 “mentors” (16 years or older)   $335 on-site, if available.

Eventbrite - BotOberfest Build-a-Bot Workshop

ON-SITE COST:  $150 per Individual + Adult Mentor / supervision on site, the day of.

PRE-Purchase Robot Kits ONLY:  $100 / each.   Do It Yourself (DIY) Sumo Robot League Kits ONLY (No Workshop)  $125 on-site.

This is an intense, seriously FUN workshop, NOT $150 Day Care!

Downloadable Information Flyers

Here’s a SHORT PDF Flyer:  2018-10-01 Build-a-bot Flyer

And the LONG Flyer (with Mentor / Volunteer Info) 2018-10-01 Build-a-bot Workshop 5 Ws FULL

Nominate Inspiring STEAM mentor to WIN!

Participants can enter a contest to win their own robot by nominating an inspiring or exemplary STEM Mentor.   Mentors can be teachers, parents, 16 years or older siblings, or any adult that sparks your interest in learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Programming, Designing or Inventing. 

Email your digital essay (powerpoint, prezi, keynote, video or document) to: with the subject:   “BUILD-A-BOT NOMINATION” by 20:00 hours (8pm ET) Friday, October 12th!

Sponsorships still available!

The Technical Details  (MUST READ!)


  • Teams of up to four (4) middle-grade (6th-9th grade) youth, plus 2-3 adult “mentors”.
  • All Schools, Organizations or general public of youth aged 12 – 15 years of age with appropriate adult supervision willing to continue to mentor the youth.
  • Adult mentors must be 16 years or older, can be responsible older siblings, family, teachers, parents, or other adult supervision.
  • Sponsored by: Georgia Innovation Center for Manufacturing, ColumbusMakesIT, National Infantry Museum, Robot Sumo League.


  • 5-hour, instructor led, intense and comprehensive STEM robotics and autonomous systems programming workshop.
  • Participants and their mentor build, program and battle, “Made in Georgia”, 4” 3-D printed, Arduino-based autonomous Sumo Robots that push other robots out of a robot sumo ring.  (Soldering optional)
  • A Sumo Robot League tournament will be held at the end of the workshop for prizes and trophies.
  • Must bring USB and battery powered Windows PC, Mac or Linux laptop (not a Chromebook, iPad or Android Tablet) pre-loaded with the Arduino IDE 1.8.7 (Participants will want to be able to make changes to the robot afterwards.)
  • The laptop’s logged-on user must have sufficient privileges to install, update and remove software, update USB drivers and connect to a working USB device.


  • National Infantry Museum, Heritage Hall (Upstairs)


  • October 20th, Saturday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, part of BotOberfest.


  • Engage our youth (and their mentors!) in a fun, competitive STEAM activity.
  • Develop and encourage a passionate pipeline of experienced innovators, tinkers and makers engaged in competitive robotics and autonomous systems at an early age.
  • Further the goal of making Columbus, Ft. Benning and Phenix City an exemplary “showcase” regional hub for autonomous ingenuity and a Robotic Manufacturing Center of Innovation, aka “RoboCity”.
  • Develop the RoboPatriot workforce needed to build “RoboCity”.  (e.g. those “smart, robotic warrior kids”)

How Much?

  • PRE-REGISTRATION: $ 250.00 USD per team.  A “team” is two (2) robots; one (1) 36” circular RoboDoyo mat; up to 4 youth-”makers” and 2-3 “mentors” (16 years or older)
  • Only Fifty (50) Teams Available for Saturday.  Offsite or other arrangements, call Frank Braski, 404-324-7508
  • ON-SITE REGISTRATION: $150 USD per Robot before 9am.  All other requirements apply.  A middle-grade student + a Mentor.
  • ON-SITE DIY Sumo Robot Kits without Workshop:  $100 each.
  • Onsite lunch is available for sale.  ($3-$9)

What if I already have a Sumo Robot?

Already have a Robot Sumo or a LEGO Mindstorms Robot?  Awesome!

If your robot meets the RoboSumo weight restrictions, you can sumo other similar class robots in the Tournament!

Can I use a LEGO Mindstorms Robot?

Provided that there are more than one LEGO Mindstorms Sumo Robot, you can sign up on-site to have your legal Sumo Robot Rules Mindstorms robot to compete in Saturday afternoon’s tournament.

Georgia Center for Robotics Innovation

Help #Make #RoboCity here in Columbus, Ft. Benning and Phenix City!

Thanks to our generous sponsor, the Georgia Economic Development Centers of Innovation for making this workshop possible!

Thanks to a generous partnership with the Georgia Manufacturing Center of Innovation, the Augusta’s startup, Sumo Robot League, we’re proud to host Georgia’s very own “Makerspace-to-Manufacturing” STEM StartUP Story by facilitating a 5-hour, “Hands-On, Minds-On” workshop for up to 250 participants.

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