Georgia Power supports BotOberfest

We are pleased to announce that Georgia Power joins the growing list of community and industry sponsors and supporters who see the value in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Eentrepreneurship, the Arts, Mathematics & Mechatronic activities! 

Creating opportunities through learning

Georgia Power is dedicated to improving and strengthening educational initiatives to help students across the state build brighter futures.  Georgia Power has contributed over $6 million to educational programming, schools, scholarships and educator training that focus on the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  These efforts not only focus on advancing the student experience, but also providing educators with the tools necessary to motivate their students.  Georgia Power hopes to influence generations of students to think critically and to be excited about careers in science and technology – after all, it’s the passionate, educated and driven students of today that become the bright minds of our state’s workforce tomorrow.

@GeorgiaPower is #PoweringEducation.   #WeHelpBecauseItsHome

Please join us in thanking Georgia Power as a wonderful STEAM supporter of BotOberfest 2018!


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