What’s in a name? BotOberFest, RoboCity & RoboPatriot Games!

Having trouble finding references that we knew were supposed to have mentioned BotOberFest, our crack marketing team started looking for reasons why this wasn’t coming up more easily for folks.  We found people were talking about ‘ Bot Tober Fest, Robot Toberfest, Robotoberfest, RoboticsFest,  RoboFest, BokToberfest, Bot-Tober Fest, Bok-ToberFEST and the ever elusive RobotUberFest and Botuberfest.  None of which is necssarily WRONG, (but it is!) it is simply BotOberfest!

As for RoboCity, we’ve heard robotcity, Robocity (pronounced row-BAH-city, which we kinda like!) and Robotics City, etc.  Since the Greater Chattahoochee River Valley and Greater Columbus area are so long, and no one can agree upon Fountain City, Electric City, Electric River City, the Queen of the South or the Amazing City, we’d like to emulate and give props to Huntsville for being RocketCity.  So we want to be known as RoboCity.  Because RoboCity is more than just Columbus, it includes Auburn, Opelika, Phenix City, Lee, Russell, Chattahoochee and Harris Counties and the surrounding area on both sides of the Chattahoochee.  People might confuse a TEDx Columbus, DEFx Columbus, or other such name with Columbus, Ohio, and we certainly don’t want that!

One Thought to “What’s in a name? BotOberFest, RoboCity & RoboPatriot Games!”

  1. There’s also “botocterfest” and “Robtoberfest”, and the equally strange “Bot Toberfest”, too! 🙂

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